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I am a multidisciplinary artist working across a range of media, from the written word, to illustration, to sound design and music.

I graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1996 with a BFA in Illustration. Since then I’ve done motion and design work for Harper Collins, Microsoft, Showtime, and the Netflix animated series StoryBots. 

I am the Founder and Creative Director of the boutique Ann Arbor-based design and branding agency Woodhouse Creative.

I co-directed and edited the award-winning documentary Yellow Brick Road, and my animated short, The Forbidden Forest, was adapted into a music video for Ghost Box Records’ Beautify Junkyards.

My debut collection of short stories, A General Theory of Tears, will be published by Stalking Horse Press in the fall. 

I record electronic music under the names Dolmen Moon and Void.

I live and work in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Stuff I love

I consider my work to be a synthesis of all the things I’ve absorbed in my life. So to give credit where credit is due, these are the artists who’ve most influenced me:

Commander Mark Kistler of Secret City, Max Ernst, Hieronymus Bosch, Ernst Fuchs, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, John Martin, Richard Dadd, Henri Rousseau, Eyvind Earle, Paul Delveaux, Richard Oelze, A.G. Rizzoli, Berni Wrightson, Martín Ramírez, Larri Pittman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marcel Storr, J Isaac Swanenburgh, Monsù Desiderio, Giorgio de Chirico, Chris Hipkiss, Charles Burns, Adolf Wölfli, and H.R. Giger

Steven Millhauser, Jim Shepard, Thomas Ligotti, Don DeLillo, Thomas Pynchon, Shirley Jackson, Bruno Schulz, Jerzy Kosinski, George Saunders, Thomas Mann, Steve Erickson, John Fowles, Arthur Machen, Algernon Blackwood, Brian Evenson, Barry N. Malzberg, Philip K. Dick, J.G. Ballard, William S. Burroughs, Joan Didion, Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, William H. Gass, M. John Harrison, Dan Chaon

Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, David Bowie, The Chameleons, Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Autechre Loscil, Beach House, Nation of Language, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, The Smiths, R.E.M.

Stanley Kubrick, Andrei Tarkovsky, Sidney Lumet, Hal Ashby, early Terence Malick, David Lynch, Robert Eggers, Martin Scorcese, Paul Thomas Anderson, John Carpenter, Toby Hooper



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