Keith Rondinelli

This is the portfolio of artist, illustrator, and professional worrier Keith Rondinelli. In my other life as a “creative,” I am the founder and creative director of Woodhouse, an Ann Arbor, MI-based studio focused on design, motion graphics, and brand identity.

Here you’ll find the results of my ongoing mania to create strange and impossible antidotes to the Reality Principle. This is in essence a dream diary, a way out of rational categories, and a method for resisting data-driven metrics and commercial impulses.

BFA Illustration
Parsons School of Design

Commander Mark Kistler of Secret City, Max Ernst, Hieronymus Bosch, Ernst Fuchs, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, John Martin, Richard Dadd, Henri Rousseau, Eyvind Earle, Paul Delveaux, the criminally underknown Richard Oelze, A.G. Rizzoli, Berni Wrightson, Martín Ramírez, Larri Pittman, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marcel Storr, J Isaac Swanenburgh, Monsù Desiderio, Giorgio de Chirico, Chris Hipkiss, Charles Burns, Adolf Wölfli, and H.R. Giger.  

The artist at 3 years old, already bewildered.

© Keith Rondinelli
All imagery created with Procreate for iPad, SideFX Houdini, and Cinema 4D using Octane, Redshift and Arnold renderers.